Summer beauty essentials

And just like that, it’s Summer again! Whilst Melbourne is being a bit of a snob and refusing to join the party, we have had a few warm days here and there lately which have gotten me all excited about the season.

These are a few of the beauty essentials that I will be wearing every day this summer – hooray!

1.  Rimmel 60 second nail polish in Coralicious.

I’m a red toenail girl in Winter and Autumn, but once Summer rolls around I like to swap it out with something a bit brighter.  This is the perfect pinky/orange/red, and quick drying is essential around here when I’m often interrupted mid-stroke to chase a small person.

2.  Tanning moisturiser
I haven’t actually used this brand yet, but I’ve heard it’s quite good so it’s on my list.  My legs, in particular, are disgustingly pasty this time of year, and I don’t sunbake (any more) especially since hubby had some skin cancers cut out.  I fake tanned it up for a party last weekend, and forgot how much more summery I feel with a bit of a glow, so I am going to attempt to keep it up.  Unfortunately that also means I need to keep up with my waxing which can be a problem…

3.  Maybelline Falsies mascara
I was blessed with long, dark lashes, and I do love to dress them up a bit!  I tend to lighten up on my makeup a little in summer, going for just a brush of golden eyeshadow and a sweep of mascara.  This mascara is great value for money and you just need a little to make an impact.

4.  Ragged Blossom Beauty mineral foundation

I switched to mineral powder foundation when I was pregnant with Peanut.  My skin was very oily and I was having lots of breakouts.  Mineral foundation is wonderful – it gives a natural looking finish and is fantastic for summer as it doesn’t ‘melt’ in the sun.  I love that I can go for a run and not feel my makeup dripping off my face.  I still use a liquid foundation (with mineral powder over the top) for special occasions, but my everyday choice is this.  I love that Ragged Blossom is a small, local business dedicated to handmaking natural and safe makeup.  Also, Lindy provides the BEST customer service (and she is super generous – see below for a wonderful giveaway!)

5.  Sally Hansen Lip Inflation lip gloss

I rarely wear lipstick, but love a nice neutral lip gloss.  This one tingles as it goes on and claims to plump your lips.  I just like that it is thick and a little sticky so it doesn’t wear off too quickly.

And now for our giveaway!

Lindy at Ragged Blossom Beauty has generously offered one of my readers one of her beautiful mineral powder foundations in the shade of your choice.

To enter, head over to the Ragged Blossom store and then come back here and leave a comment letting us know what you would choose from there to pop in your ‘essentials’ bag.

While not essential to enter the giveaway, head on over and like the Ragged Blossom Beauty Facebook page too, that way you won’t miss out on any special offers, or new products.

I will randomly choose a winner next week (I’m thinking Friday but it is Christmas time so forgive me if I’m late) to receive their free foundation!


10 thoughts on “Summer beauty essentials

  1. Oooh, I love that nailpolish shade – I’m a bright girl too!

    I’d love to try that Ragged Blossom makeup. I think my fave item in her store has to be the ‘ecotools’ brush set – so cute!


  2. I’m laughing because I LOVE and collect rimmel 60 seconds… and that’s the shade I had picked out to wear tonight! :)

    I LOVE the Sister Olive Mineral Eyeshadow over at ragged blossom. And so much more affordable than another brand that I like. Great shade.

  3. Wow, so glad I found ragged blossom, definitely going to make some purchases! I currently use mineral powder and it is ALOT more expensive than this brand, and I am loving so many of their eye shadows, especially Koi!

  4. I love RBB, and have been using it for about a year now. Lindy’s products beat any top-name mineral brands :D
    On my ‘essentials’ list, snow filly eye-shadow :)

  5. I too use RBB’s mineral foundation. I love it its great to wear everyday on its own or for those special occasions over a liquid foundation. It doesn’t irritate my skin and I don’t feel like i’m melting on those hot summers days. My Essential Product would have to be the super soft vegan kabuki brush. I use this brush to apply my minerals and it is a thousand times better than any other brush I have tried.

  6. I’d love to try the mineral foundation as I hate the clogged heavy feeling most other foundations have on my skin!!! The eyeshadow colors are gorgeous too!!
    Awesome generous giveaway. Thanks.

  7. I think it’s so cool that she offers sample packs – that’s just awesome! I would definitely like to try the mineral powder – sounds nice and light :)

  8. Oh that will teach me for slacking off with my blog reading, I almost missed this awesome giveaway! Have just spent the last 15 mins browsing the RBB site, and I am impressed, and my Christmas wish list has just skyrocketed! I love it all. Of course I want the mineral powder, but those eyeshadows look lovely too. It’s going to be difficult to choose the colour though. First things first though, I need a make up lesson! I am totally clueless on how to apply makeup!

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