Gift wrap inspo + giveaway

Holy mother of Christmas, has it gotten busy around here or what?  I’ve been meaning to write this post all week and am only just getting around to it.  Let’s just say Christmas time is not the best time to get your car serviced and go Christmas shopping with three kids on the same day.  Phew.

Thought I’d share this year’s gift wrap with you today.  I do love picking each year’s wrapping paper, although I mostly stick to a red + neutral colour palette.  This year I picked up some kraft, white and patterned gift wrap from Ikea.  I plan to wrap presents in the kraft or white and add a ‘belly band’ of the red patterned paper.  I use a big cutting mat, long quilters ruler and a sharp craft knife to cut long, thick strips of paper for the belly bands.

To this one, I’ve added a big gift bow (I used this tutorial) and a handmade gift tag.

Those gift tags look super cute and quirky made from magazine pages – I love this one on the kraft paper.

For smaller gifts, I picked up this cute ribbon from Typo.

Now if I could just get my Christmas shopping finished!

Have you got your wrapping sorted?  What colours are you using this year, or do you go for a eclectic mix of whatever is left from last year?

How about gift tags?  If you forgot to pick some up, I’m going to give away a set of eight of these ‘merry’ gift tags.  To win, leave a comment here telling me about your gift wrap this year, and I’ll pick a winner on Sunday, so I can send them out early next week to make sure you get them by Christmas!

p.s. If you want the tags in a different colour scheme to match your wrap, let me know!


3 thoughts on “Gift wrap inspo + giveaway

  1. Gorgeous wrapping tam. We make our Xmas wrapping each year. This year we’re using kraft as well and going with red or green decorations. I’ll just let the kids do hand prints or foot prints or shapes on the paper.

  2. Gift wrap at our place is red this year. Red wrap, neutral string and hand stamped tag with just the recipient’s name -cool alphabet stamps from kikki k on those plain cream tags from officeworks. Love your idea!

  3. Loving the wrapping mate. I have a similar wrapping paper from Ikea. Bought a stack of it last year – so pretty. So colours will be red, white with a bit of silver.

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