The story of the birdie necklaces

Christmas 2010, my gorgeous sister bought me a necklace.

She is one of those people who has a knack of buying supremely appropriate and lovely presents.  She will ask for your list, and then buy something that’s not on it, but which is absolutely perfect for you.

I love this necklace.  At the time, I had two little boys, and I loved having a piece of jewellery that represented them.  Everywhere I went, I got comments about my birdie necklace.

I was wearing my birdie necklace when we had our lovely sister day in November.  I told her that I was always receiving compliments about it.

“But now I need a necklace with three birdies for my three little birds”, I said.

And that was the end of the conversation.

Until, this Christmas, I unwrapped one of her presents to find this.

I cried.  I cried because it was beautiful.  And I cried because she heard, and remembered.  And scoured shops and the internet for the necklace with three birdies.

Now I wear my three birdies close to my heart.  And think of my sister who remembers stuff.  She’s good like that.


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