One little word?

Ah, a new year.  Resolutions, goals, plans, little words, 52 weeks to declutter your house, photo a day, project life… so many opportunities to jump in and commit to stuff.  I know me.  I’m easily excited by a new project.  I start all gung ho with my new notebooks and pretty pens.  Aaaaand, by about January 20 it’s all forgotten for another year.

That’s not to say I’m going to give it all up.  I have my goals for this year.  I want to stick with the 52 weeks to simplify your life challenge.  I would really love to give Project Life a shot this year (I’m thinking digital photobook style…)

I wasn’t going to choose a ‘word’** for this year.  Last year, I chose ‘stretch’.  I was having my third baby.  Being a kinder mum.  On the playgroup committee.  Doing the paperwork for our growing business.  I was stretched in all directions.  But stretching also means growing.  And I did some growing last year.

This year, without giving it too much thought, the word ‘intentional’ fell into my lap.  I feel a little like I lived last year in a blur of sleep deprivation, newborn fuzz, crazy mummy times and big time procrastination (which I like to call faffing).

This year I will embrace intentionalism.

Be intentional and effective with my time.

Be intentional and present in the way I interact with my kids.

Intentionally grow my friendships and discover new ones.

Intentionally make my marriage awesome.

Intentionally pursue my relationship with Jesus.

It’s a big call, but a very much needed one.

Do you have a word this year?  How are you going to focus on it?

** One little word was a concept started by Ali Edwards many years ago, but it can mean anything you want it to mean.


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