Valuable {SYL}

Linking up with Home Life Simplified for the Simplify Your Life in 52 weeks challenge.

This week’s challenge was to define your values.  Those things that direct your goals and determine what is important and not so important to you.

The thing that most helped me come up with my first list of ‘value words’ was imagining the person I would like to be and what values they would hold to get them there.  This kind of future-projecting-type-deal is something I should do more of.  It’s so easy to get caught up in day to day survival mode as a mum.

My original list of values looked like this:

It was really tough to narrow them down.  Obviously, all of these things have a high value in my life.  And they are my values.  But for the purpose of this challenge, I did want to pare them down to just five.  So here they are:

1. Faith

This is the value I would hold on to kicking and screaming.  It is the value that all my other values fall under, and it is why everything else is important.  I believe I’m here for a purpose.  I believe in a God who loves me and saved me.  Every decision I make needs to align with His will for my life, otherwise I’m fighting a losing battle.

2. Family

It feels like it goes without saying that any of my goals and decisions have to benefit my family.  I am not just me anymore.  I’m a wife and a mum, and the other people who live in this house have my heart.

3. Relationship

Since this is what I’m on earth for, this had to make the list.  Relationship with God, relationship with people.  What’s the use of being here to make myself comfortable?  I figured a lot of my other value words fit under this too – generosity, community and even service.  The things you do to foster and value relationships.  I live by the creed that ‘no man is an island’.  We need each other.  Probably moreso when we feel that we don’t.

4. Responsibility

This is kind of an odd one.  I think most people could relate to family and relationships making the list.  But responsibility?  That one is all mine.  I feel strongly that it’s my responsibility to be, well, responsible.  Quite often when making decisions I don’t think ‘will it make me happy’, I think ‘it is my responsibility to do this’ or ‘if I don’t do this, no one else will’.  Overcommitment issues, much?

5. Growth

I so strongly believe in always striving to be better.  A better person, a better wife, a better mum.  Better at stuff.  Not necessarily in a competitive way (although sometimes that too – oops) just to grow and learn and not become stagnant.

I totally recommend this activity.  I feel like I am in good stead to make smart decisions with my time and resources this year.  Head over to the SYL challenge and link up!

Have you thought about your values?  Do you think it’s a useful process, or a bunch of silliness? 


8 thoughts on “Valuable {SYL}

  1. fabulous list – I love how I can get a clear picture of the person with those values – you are probably someone people can rely on and trust – to be honest, compassionate and oriented towards connecting fully.

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