Project Life

So, I got myself all enamoured with Project Life last year – the scrapbook documenting life a week at a time.  I don’t get the time to scrapbook much these days, but I desperately want to record our day to day life, and this seemed perfect.  The official kits, however, were expensive, and a bit limiting, and I just knew I’d never get around to actually cutting and pasting anything.

In the end, I decided to go digital.  I’m becoming more proficient with Photoshop these days, and I love the idea of printing all the pages as a photobook at the end of the year.  Typical of me, though, I put it off and put it off, wanting to find the ‘perfect’ way to do it… until today I bit the bullet and just did it.  I’m going to keep it simple, and just get it done.  And I have to say, I’m loving the first week.  Although I did have a lot of photos to choose from because we were away… I think the next couple of weeks might be challenging as I so often forget to take photos.

I won’t be sharing every week, but here is week one.

And the separate pages:

Now, to catch up and keep up!  I’m hoping it will get quicker as I go – I’ve been editing templates and making actions to speed up the process.  I think it will be worth it at the end of the year, don’t you?

6 thoughts on “Project Life

  1. Good luck with your project. Looks great! I’m trying to do Project 366 this year (damn leap year with one extra day!) with a photo a day and also make a photo book at the end of the year. I think we get so busy with life we forget the little things that make it all up and these projects are a great way to remind us!

  2. They look so great. I’ve just been making some monthly photo books for our family (through Snapfish). I love the idea of the single sentence descriptions for each day though.

  3. Which software did you use? I have used the smilebox software if feeling creative, you can choose scrap-booking like embellishments, but recently I used the generic software at which prints as well with a nice hard cover, I love how for all your hard work you can print multiple copies for family members! I think id find a daily commitment a bit much, but a monthly section would be nice! It really is worth making the time the kids LOVE looking through and re-living all the great moments!

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