On a mission

This morning we did our weekly grocery shop.  That’s me, and the three boys.  Yep, it can get crazy.  My lovely mum joins me to help control distract the boys by bribing rewarding them with lollies and donuts.

Today though, as the two bigs ripped around Coles, narrowly escaping being run over by old ladies with trolleys, laughing their heads off maniacally, I just smiled, and when the cashier said ‘I bet they keep you on your toes’ I grinned and replied ‘yep, all the time’.

They weren’t hurting anyone.  They were having a ball.  Being boys.  And I stopped to enjoy my kids enjoying life.  And I felt much better for it than had I chased them around yelling and threatening them.  I wish I could be that mummy all the time.

That’s a loose segue, anyhow, into today’s Simplify Your Life 2012 post.  Last week’s challenge was to write a mission statement for your family.

Deb’s post has lots of useful guidance for crafting a mission statement, and I also found this post incredibly helpful too.

I tried to combine the values of my hubby and me (slightly difficult as we are quite different people!) and this is what I came up with.  I like it.  It’s us.  It will probably change some as the kids grow up and we incorporate their values into our lives, but for now, I’m happy.

Are you playing along with SYL12?  Are you finding these assignments tough?  I am, but I’m loving the challenge!



9 thoughts on “On a mission

  1. I totally hear you on the first part of the post about your boys. I have two boys. Little ones {just 2 and just 1} and I am always so happy when I watch them play and have fun instead of getting uptight about the mess they are making or the noise they are making. It takes effort {on my part- as I am a control freak!} but their interactions and happiness need to outweigh my need to control.

    Your mission statement is great. I think “we will do what we can” is a great sentiment and something that applies to EVERYTHING in our lives.

    I want to make mine up into something I can print- did you use illustrator or something to make your graphic/words?

  2. Your words are so descriptive that I feel as though I were along on the shopping trip. I could see the little old ladies and thier trollies. I could hear the boys laughter. And I could almost taste the lollies and donuts. :). We all had fun! Thanks.

  3. these assignments are absolutely so tough, but through all the blogs i am reading, and all the brave, strong women I am connecting with, I am getting a sense that we are basking in this uncovering of where our hearts really are. :)
    Love your mission statement – i loved how you presented it as well!

  4. I enjoyed your words especially about enjoying your kids. I agree totally – as a very proud mum of a 15 year old boy I can relate totally. In the early years I was too uptight, making sure everything looked right instead of just letting it be right. Now I am more casual and you know what… my relationship with my son is great and we actually spend alot of time together enjoying good times. Continue to enjoy your family and they will continue to enjoy being with you.
    Shine on in 2012 :)

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