Planning parties

My smallest boy is just over ten months old.  Which means in less than two months he will be one *sob*.  We had lovely little parties at the park for the other two boys when they turned one – simple little parties with nibbles and cake and bubbles and playing.

This year, however, we have a lovely new deck, and I’m tempted to have a ‘home’ party.  In some ways this will be a lot easier – no transporting food forward and back, no worries about the weather, no need to tell people to bring their own seats.  In other ways it may be tricky – we will have to limit the guest list as our house is quite tiny and I’ll have to actually have our tiny house looking spotless.

I am having fun finding ideas for decorations and food though!  Of course, Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration, but there are a few blogs I read which provide a plethora of beautiful and delicious ideas.

Oh Happy Day is beautiful to read.  Jordan is a party planner and letterpress printer (oh!  two of my most favourite things!) and has put together the most amazing and visually stunning blog full of party ideas, DIYs and notes about living in Paris (yes, Paris!)

Amy Atlas also runs a party planning bizzo and has a gorgeous blog where she features lovely parties from all over the world.  Soooo many dessert tables!

One Charming Party has loads of party ideas, DIY tutorials and sells party plans too.

Invite Me has all sorts of pretties for parties.  My credit card just sighed.

So I’m deep into collecting ideas and I’m sure I’ll soon be knee deep in crafty projects!

Do you have any fabulous party resources that you can share with me?  Thrown an awesome party at home?  Any tips?


2 thoughts on “Planning parties

    • Oh, Brooke, I KNOW! I think I’m planning all this so I don’t have to think about the fact that he won’t be my baby boy any more (although he will. Always. As much as he’ll hate that!!)

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