We had a very lovely Australia Day yesterday.  Friends, food, wine, music. We kept it Aussie with kangaroo steaks and a pav – although I’m not sure if eating kangaroo counts as Aussie or anti-Aussie?  Six little boys played fairly well all day and ended up flaked on the couch watching a DVD after an impromptu dance party.

My little man was all patriotic and decided that it was a good enough day to start walking for reals.  Tiny little boy breaks my heart.

We listened to the Triple J Hottest 100 all the way through.  The year I stop listening to the Hottest 100 is the year I become daggy mummy.

If you’re reading via a rss or email feed, you may have missed my new Facebook box over there on the right. It links to the Facebook page for this blog, and I’d love you to ‘like’ it and come on over and have a chat. And give me some ideas on what to post about!

I’m planning a bit of a blog series here next week, on how to make the most of your school mornings. I’m no expert (quite the opposite sometimes!) but my first is off to school this year and I thought I’d share some of my ideas. Pop in and let me know your tips next week, ok?

Linking up with Glowless for Flog Yo Blog Friday today :)



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