Doing wheelies {SYL}

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Still sticking with this Simplify Your Life thing, surprisingly.  I consider myself ok at self-evaluation, but having some direction with the whole thing is helpful, plus, the knowledge that there are a whole bunch of other people struggling through these tasks is fun!

This week our task was to complete the ‘wheel of life’; an evaluation tool to determine how well we are going with eight key areas of our lives.  You can see my eight areas in the graphic below – these evolved from my values and my mission statement.  I’m probably quite hard on myself, but at least all those ‘2’s give me room to grow.

The scale should go to five, too.  I didn’t have any ‘5’s, so it decided to scale down for me, to make me feel better…  Don’t they call that standardising?

It’s encouraging to see things objectively like this.  To see that I am probably about where I want to be with my community involvement and my health.  And also to see that the areas I already wanted to focus on this year (faith, family, finance and fun – heeee!) are sitting lower on the scale.

It will be interesting to have this to refer back to later in the year.  I’d like to think that those four areas will have improved.

Are you keeping up with SYL12?  Does your life need a bit of evaluation? 


7 thoughts on “Doing wheelies {SYL}

  1. You just made me laugh – Thank you!!! I love that you ‘standardised’ your wheel!!! Wish i had of done that then I wouldn’t feel so bad with all my 2s!!!! Thanks for a great read, I have just stumbled upon your blog through SYL challenge, i look forward to this year and following you!!! :)

    • I think the key is not to overthink things. There isn’t a ‘right’ answer. I find reading other people’s answers so interesting, yet it always makes me want to change my response as I always think their’s is better!! Good luck with sorting it out!

  2. I am sooo glad we have a week off! I’m enjoying the journey but not so much the process. (If that makes sense!) My graph did the whole shrink thing too which made it look a little more encouraging! I enjoyed reading and look forward to more blogpost throughout the year…especially when they make me smile!

    • I know what you mean! I think I’d enjoy the process more if I didn’t keep leaving it until the last minute (typical me!!) Bring on week six!

  3. Great stuff – I think it is a reasonable starting point – as is typical we have areas we are satisfied with and areas we want to work on – sometimes we keep adding to 1 area because we enjoy it or it is easier for us, the trick is to push ourselves to work on the ones we want in our lives but may take more effort (like me and health and wellness ; ) but i will get there too)

  4. Great looking wheel!! Love your title for the post :D

    Health is so high for you- wow! Mine was the lowest {Health, body & beauty was my category}….although sadly that was no surprise. For my kids sake I will have to work on that.

    I like that is has shown me what needs work!!

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