The morning series {the night before}

It’s day two of our week of mornings, and I’m going to go backwards, just a little. Yesterday I talked about getting up before your kids, not for your kids. Using those precious, quiet, first minutes of your day to recharge your batteries, and greeting the day with positivity, rather than being woken up and having to hit the ground running.

There’s nothing earth-shattering about today’s message. You will have heard it a hundred times before. All this is, is a gentle reminder that these habits that we have fallen out of will make our lives so much easier if we can just get ourselves back into them again. Or perhaps you’re already all over this and can smile smugly while the rest of us have our ‘aha’ moments.

Do what you can the night before.

If your mornings are crazy as you run around half dressed, looking for the library book that’s due back today, trying to find something that will vaguely pass as a healthy lunch and shouting at the kids to find their drink bottles and put them in their bags NOW (can you just tell that I’ve been there many, many times?) then this one’s for you.

Imagine ticking six or eight things off your morning to-do list before morning even hits. Bliss!

These are some of the things I aim to get done the night before, to leave my mornings freer:

  • check my diary and calendar to avoid missed appointments
  • make school/kinder lunches
  • fill drink bottles
  • complete permission slips, payments, raffle tickets, book orders etc and put in bags
  • pack bags with library books, hats, show and tell etc
  • check uniform items and make sure no last minute washing is required
  • lay out clothes on sofa so boys can get dressed after breakfast
  • get sorted for any after school sports or activities
  • decide what I’m going to wear (I’m so indecisive in the mornings!)
  • repack nappy bag and handbag
  • load the washing machine and set it on delay so it finishes first thing in the morning

It looks like a huge list, but in reality, each thing will only take a couple of minutes. Setting aside twenty minutes at night to be super prepared in the morning is worth it!

And, you know, this series is all about mornings, but it’s a good idea to reassess your bedtime. Especially if you are planning to get up that bit earlier to beat your kids up. In the nicest possible way, that is…

Do you need to think about getting to bed before midnight instead of after?. Aim to get under the covers half an hour earlier? Most of us know how much sleep we need to be at our best. I run well at about seven hours. For others that could be six or eight. Do what you need to do to bless your body with enough sleep.

Are you one of the smug ones reading this? Or, like me, is this a habit you have fallen out of and need to get back into? Is there anything else you do the night before to make mornings a breeze? Do you need to reassess your bedtime


30 thoughts on “The morning series {the night before}

  1. Yes I can say that ‘most’ school nights I get organised and it makes me feel a whole lot calmer in the mornings :)
    I got 10 hours sleep last night and feel great today – who knew?

  2. Love it – i do a lot at night but if I am tired or get watching a movie with hubby it is suddenly 10:30 and I want to get myself ready fro bed. This year I am making a bigger effort to have lunch boxes done the night before as summer broke the habit and I know I have to re-find old routines for school. never thought to fill their drink bottles the night before though as i always pt fresh water (think i will stick in fridge)

    • Oh, I know – where DO the nights go? I so treasure that quiet time once the kiddies are in bed, it seems like a shame to ruin it with chores, but it feels so good to wake up to everything done!

  3. I’m terrible about getting organised in evening for the next day. I always find that things are hectic getting dinner ready and then kiddies into bed, and that I am just knackered by the end of it, and ready to sit down and spend some quality time with my husband (or my computer, depending on who is closest).
    I am a nine hour sleeper which seriously sucks. I have tried less, but I am just a complete wreck within a couple of days. Maybe I need some pills?
    Anyway… We live nice and close to school, kiddies get up early, and school doesn’t start until 9am, so I don’t know what I would do in the mornings if I got organised the night before. I might actually have free time in the mornings, and have no idea what to do with myself!! Now there’s a scary though!!
    Thanks for the tips, and I might try and incorporate a couple, if I don’t fall asleep :)
    xx Sannah

    • Yes, free time! That’s the plan :)

      Sounds like you have lovely stress free mornings though, and that’s the aim. What you’re doing obviously works for you and your family :)

  4. My eldest is 18, he started school 13 yrs ago …I might have been organised once. Now I have twins starting kindergarten , we are kind of living in a shed and caravan I need to lift my game . My hub gets so stressed when mornings are chaotic.

  5. We are starting preschool next term with Miss 2 and I think this will definitely have to be part of the plan. I used to say I needed 8 or more hours sleep but now post child I wake up at 4 if I get 6 hours straight ready to go. Tragic, tragic, tragic!

    • It’s all part of that mummy-survival instinct! We just know we need those extra hours in the day. Good luck with getting that routine going!

  6. great post!!!! my son doesn’t start school until September, so for me, its not lunches…..its that darn dishwasher! Seriously, my day starts much better if I unload it before bed! If I have to do it in the morning, it throws my morning routine off! lol!

  7. I needd eight hours, otherwise I’m a cranky mummy.
    Geting organized in the morning is one thing I’m working on. I was doing the washing the night before until the washing machine died!

    My problem is my kids are such early risers, if we get up early, they will too so it’s better to just stay in bed until they do!

  8. Your post reminded me of another I read recently about starting the day with intention. I love the idea but…… I’d need to rearrange a lot especially as the girls still wake me overnight, especially bub. To get some time alone may mean waking at 5am. Not sure how I feel about that one!

    • Mornings are tough when you’ve had broken sleep, aren’t they? My baby still wakes some nights and it makes such a difference to my morning mood!

  9. I don’t think we can have enough reminders like this one… because it is just so important to be organised for the whole family to run smoothly. Thank you. :)

    • Yes – when it comes down to it, the only person you can control is yourself. So you might as well do that as well as you can!

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