The morning series {beautify you}

Hi! We’re halfway through the week and I have had loads of positive feedback about my first two posts: {wake up!} and {the night before}.  Thank you so much for the comments here and on Facebook, the retweets and the link ups.  I am so grateful!

Luckily for me, our days of true routine haven’t started yet (Big D doesn’t start school until next Tuesday and Dubs is at kinder from next Thursday) because I have been shameful at taking my own advice.  I could blame it on a teething baby, but really, I think I’m trying to milk my last few days of holidays for all their worth.  Which is lovely, but not very productive!

So far I’ve talked about getting your mind prepared for the day, and getting your things prepared.  Today it’s all about getting yourself ready for the day.

Those that know me, know that I have a phobia of stepping out the door in tracksuit pants. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against them (ok, so maybe I do! Ha!) but I do think that the way you dress contributes to your attitude towards your day.

For me, putting on a decent outfit, doing my hair, and putting on some make up means I’m ready for whatever the day throws at me.  That might mean an impromptu coffee date, or it might mean I look mighty fine cleaning my toilet (!) but if I dress with intention in the morning, it tends to translate to intentional activity.

Of course, if your intentional activity is to head to the gym or go for a walk, tracksuit pants and forgoing the make up is completely ok!  I just know that if wake up and chuck on my saggy trackies and an old t-shirt, I’m likely not going to have the most productive day!

After my third baby was born early last year I had somewhat of a mid-life fashion crisis, mostly because none of my clothes fit and I felt horrible in everything.  I made a real effort to start buying clothes that flattered my shape, and that coordinated with each other.  About the same time, I read two pieces of advice that I follow regularly:

  1. The rule of threes: three pieces of clothing looks much more ‘put together’ than two i.e. add a cardi to jeans and a tank.  Even just adding a scarf to your outfit adds that bit of balance.
  2. Always accessorise as you step out the door.  Some cute earrings, an oversized bangle, or even just a pair of sunglasses immediately makes you look like you put effort into your outfit.

Two fabulous resources for mums wanting to style it up in an accessible and everyday way are Styling You and Fox in Flats.  Great tips to get out of that mummy rut we all fall into at times!

Now, this last point might be a bit contentious, or even irrelevant to the non-make up wearers, but I rarely leave the house these days without make up.  It just makes me feel a bit more ‘grown up’, plus it makes me smile every time I look in the mirror if I’m wearing mascara.

I’ve had people tell me they don’t have time to do their make up in the morning.  My make up routine takes me about three minutes.  I always have time for three minutes worth of make up.

  1. Quick coat of tinted moisturiser (SPF 20!)
  2. Brush over my Ragged Blossom Beauty mineral foundation
  3. With the same brush, sweep some bronzer over my cheek bones
  4. Rub some gold eye shadow over my eyelids with my finger
  5. Finish off with a quick sweep of mascara

Three minutes, and I’m set for the day.  And I love that I can head out to Zumba or for a run later on without worrying about heavy make up dripping off my face.

Just a couple of extra minutes in the morning to make an effort with my appearance helps put me in a much more productive state of mind.  I loved the comment from Annaleis earlier in the week about getting dressed as soon as she gets up.  I am always more effective and intentional with my mornings when I do this!

Now I’m quite prepared for the backlash from the trackie-lovers, but what about the rest of you?  Do you make an effort even just for the school run?  Do you not step out the door without your heels and fake lashes?  Or are you lucky to get out in something not covered in baby spew and soggy weet bix?



12 thoughts on “The morning series {beautify you}

  1. I am so w/ you! if i get up and get dressed i feel much more ready to tackle the day head on!! although i do admit to dropping kids off at school w/ my pj’s still on some days :)

  2. I am in between – i wear various things to school drop off (gym gear if i am headed there, otherwise generally capri pants, short or a skirt + a top or tank + birkenstocks). My make up routine is simple- apply lipstick or coloured gloss for the day (i feel better with something on my lips). if i am going out i do wear a powder and bronzer/ mineral stuff + eye shadow.

    • I think even lip gloss gives you that ‘ready’ feeling! It’s not so much *what* you do, but with what attitude you leave the house, don’t you think?

  3. I so agree in that looking (half) decent has a positive effect on my mind. I try and make an effort for the school run (that is, not wearing the daggy trackies) and I always leave the house with make up on (except when I’m going for a run). Just makes me feel a little better about facing the day!

  4. i agree whole heartedly with this post and would love to say that everyday I do it but alas I do not! I am going to really try to add this to my morning routine. That being said I am sat here in my pj’s thinking ‘I can’t be arsed even getting dressed let alone put make up on’ but I will … I really will!

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