The morning series {non-negotiables}

How’s everyone going with their mornings this week?  So far we have:

Gotten up before our kids (nor for them),

done what we could the night before,

and dressed with intention.

I’ve had people in the comments say ‘I can’t do that because of this, but I’m going to do this instead.’  LOVE it.  Every family is different.  Every person has different needs and routines.  While these are the things I want to implement for MY mornings, I love that it’s prompting people to look at their own routines and work out what works for them.

In my ideal morning routine – the one where I have woken up and had quiet time in the knowledge that I’d done most of what was needed for the day the night before, and then got dressed with my hair and make up done – I would have a fair bit of time before I had to leave the house.  Assuming the children are semi-compliant with their routine, I can move onto my non-negotiables.

My non-negotiables are the tasks that I must complete before I leave the house.  The things that make me smile when I walk in the door and see them done.  The little things that make the difference between being able to invite someone over or suggesting we go to their house.

These things will be different for everyone.  Only you know the chores that make the biggest difference for the least amount of effort, or the things that will make your day run so much smoother if they’re done in the morning.  You know which corners can be hidden and which need a daily spiff-up.

These are the four chores I must do before I step out of the house:

  1. Make my bed. My bed is one of the first things I see when I walk back in my front door, and if it’s made, it makes me smile.  If not, big sad face.  The kids’ beds, however, are rarely made.
  2. Breakfast dishes done.  The sink is the next thing I see when I walk in the door, and there is nothing better to me than the view of a shiny sink, clear of dishes (all that Flylady-ing must have worked!)  We don’t have a dishwasher right now, either, so there’s no hiding the dishes!
  3. Load of washing on.  I usually have at least two loads of washing to do a day, so if one doesn’t go on first thing in the morning, I’m seriously running behind!
  4. Wipe over the bathroom basin, bench top and toilet.  I have boys.  Enough said.

Fifteen minutes.  Four big ticks.  Happy Tam.

What are the non-negotiable tasks in your morning?  What can you do in five minutes before you leave the house that will make you smile when you walk back in?


10 thoughts on “The morning series {non-negotiables}

  1. i’m like you – we dont leave for school until the dishes are done, beds are made and washing is in the machine! Its a good day when I can do a 30 minute quick wash and get it hung up before 8.45am! I am so much more productive in the early hours!

    • I miss my old washer that would do a 30 minute wash. My front loader takes a lot longer – and I always forget to set it the night before!

  2. I like to do the dishes and have my kitchen clean, straighten the lounge room and tidy the toys. (We always tidy the toys up before we leave the house- I hate toys all over the floor!), put on a load of washing, and sweep the floor.

  3. My only non negotiable is unloading and reloading the dishwasher – I hate walking back into the house and finding dishes in the sink although it happens a few times a year and I can live with that- the rest changes daily really

  4. The only non-negotiable I ‘aim’ for each day before I leave the house is happy kids and happy mummy. If that means my house is left a little messy, then so be it. Usually, if I run around trying to get things done it can turn ugly and I can sometimes take my unmet expectations out on the kids!

    • Possibly the best non-negotiable of all! I know what you mean about unmet expectations, especially if the kids aren’t cooperating.

    • Aw, thanks! Yes, hubby really appreciates a little extra effort, and it tends to make him try to keep things tidier too. Win-win!

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