Completely, utterly and overwhelmedly grateful

I have had a busy week.  Lots to do.  Lots of time sitting, staring at my computer screen.  But all week I have been filled with a sense of gratefulness.  Truly feeling like I’m being poured full of the stuff, almost to overflowing.  It is a wonderful feeling.

At four weeks old, my small baby Peanut and I found ourselves in the Royal Children’s Hospital while he battled a particularly tenacious infection in his tiny knee.  He had two weeks worth of IV antibiotics and two operations to clean out his knee joint.  I can’t remember back to that time without my chest tightening with anxiousness.

Last week, at just ten months old, my baby started walking.  And now, he toddles freely around the house, with no indication at all that there has ever been anything wrong with his leg.

So grateful.  Grateful for doctors who rush us off to the hospital and those who look after us so well once we’re there.  Grateful for complete healing and clear x-rays.  Grateful for indestructible tots who don’t let anything stop them.  So very grateful.

Linking up with 52 weeks of grateful at Kidspot via Maxabella Loves.


16 thoughts on “Completely, utterly and overwhelmedly grateful

    • Absolutely! Yes, sadly those knees are probably not going to hang around for ever, so I am making sure to kiss them lots while they last!

  1. We found ourselves at The Royal Children’s when our first was three days old, I completely understand that feeling of gratefulness. There are some truly inspiring people there. Great to hear your son’s doing so well :)

    • Three days :( Not only are they wonderful with the bubbas, but also with the freaking out parents! I hope your little man is doing as well as mine!

  2. Those doctors and specialists who look after children really are amazing people aren’t they. My now 6 year old was admitted to hospital for an operation at 8 weeks old. We were truly grateful for all of the care, treatment and support we received. Lovely to see your son up and walking!
    Tracey (just popping over from the Maxabella Loves linky)

    • Thanks for popping in, Tracey! It’s heart breaking to see your tiny bubbas so vulnerable, isn’t it? I do hope never to see the inside of the hospital again, but isn’t it nice to know that help is so readily available?

  3. Ooooh, what a traumatic time that must’ve been… The RCH is so good, we’ve been a few times for various things but nothing that serious. How lovely it must be to see him toddle around!

    • So, so grateful for such an amazing service! I had never thought to take the boys there before (not that we’ve really ever had the need) but I wouldn’t hesitate to go again.

      It’s lovely, but also heartbreaking, to see him walking. My last bubby!

  4. We are very lucky to live in a fantastic country with great medical help!!! He looks sooo cute!!!! I’m a but jealous that he is up and walking around – my little girl who is ten months also, is so content on rolling everywhere that shes showing no signs of doing anything exciting!!! My second child walked around now too and its soooo cute seeing little people wandering around….. I am so happy for your family that he is all ok from his scary start to life :) (I love your nappies too, are they itti bitti???? I use them also I think they are awesome!!!)

    • Babies develop so differently – it’s especially funny seeing the difference between boys and girls. I bet your little girl will be chatting well before J. My boys have been so slow to start talking!

      The nappies are Ittis – aren’t they the cutest?! We love them too!

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