The mornings series {link love}

OK, so I have not taken any of my own advice this week, which means I’ve been writing blog posts until midnight and waking up after my kids, feeling crabby and fuelling myself with coffee.  So I thought I’d take the easy way out today and share some brilliant blog posts by other people!

My big boy doesn't start school until Tuesday!

These are all about getting your kids into routine – something I don’t need to go on about when there is already so much awesome info in the blogosphere!  Check them out, and please leave any tips or links you love in the comments or on the Facebook page.

Kidspot gives us seven ways to get to school on time.

More routine ideas over at Kleenex Mums.

The Organised Housewife has fantastic morning routine printables to help your kids get ready.

The Planning with Kids blog is literally FULL of amazing tips for getting back to school.

Starting next week I need to get myself to bed earlier and start reading my own blog – ha!

How are you going with before school/kinder/work routines?  Any last bits of advice to share?


5 thoughts on “The mornings series {link love}

  1. You will be in routine in time for Tuesday Tam ;)

    We have always used lists, even when the kids were little – they just had more pictures then.
    One for before school and one for after and they are on the back of the kids doors.

    It reduces some of the sounding like a broken record every morning …. well in theory.

    • Oh Rach, I so need to get my butt into gear and get some piccies happening for the boys. They really do love having their ‘to-do’ lists in the morning.

  2. I tried really hard to get up before the kids this week and managed it twice but when the baby is giving me cute cuddles and smiles in bed, it’s really hard to leave that! But at least I’ve got the seed planted! Fingers crossed for an easy morning come Monday!

  3. We haven’t really needed a routine before but now Mr 3 is at kinder two mornings a week I think I’m going to have to start employing some semblance of order… Thanks for the links – I need all the help I can get.

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