I address a killer envelope.

I haven’t been blogging on the weekend.  I give myself a break.  But I miss it.  And I feel like I lose momentum over the weekend.  And really, it drives me crazy when my fave bloggers take a break over the weekend because then I have nothing to read when I have a leisurely few minutes to read blogs.

So, my point.  The most illustrous Edenland has begun a new Saturday meme, which means I can blog without having to think up a topic – FREAKING GENIUS!

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade This week, our handwriting.  Please allow the Instagram picture to tell the rest of the story:


8 thoughts on “I address a killer envelope.

  1. wow that is amazingly neat… incredible!
    i like that you can laugh that they didn’t let you into med school for your too neat writing… !

    • Hmmm, yes, I can laugh now. I wasn’t very happy for a very long time, though! I got myself into a career where I had to READ doctor’s handwriting every day. They really need neat writers!!

  2. That.is.so.neat. Is it still like that when you’re angry or tired? Not getting into med school based on an interview seems so unfair.

    Hahaha! I agree, love it when other people give me something to blog about. THinking about topics is no fun for me!!

    • There is definite deterioration when I’m angry or in a hurry ;)

      I thought the interview was SO unfair at the time, but now I realise they probably didn’t want a doctor who was going to all of a sudden get clucky, have lots of babies, and never want to work again!

  3. “I address a killer envelope though.”

    My best new favourite sentence. Your writing IS very exquisite and handsome indeed. Swapsies?

    Thank you so much for linking up! xx eden

  4. Love your handwriting, so neat! We could use some more doctors with legible writing. Last year I had to have blood tests during my second pregnancy and twice the nurses had to call somewhere to find out what the writing said!

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