Breaking up the band

My big boy starts school today.  Off to Prep in his new uniform, bright white new runners, oversized hat and school bag full of unused textas and books.

I’m excited for him.  So excited for him to be off on this journey of learning and discovery of independence.  For him to discover the value of friends and look up to someone other than me for some of the answers.

I’m sad though, that I will no longer be the person he spends all of his time with.  What his friends think is going to start being more important than what I think.  And his teacher will be there to answer the questions that I used to answer.

What makes me even more sad is that school is breaking up the band.  The precious little band of brothers who follow each other around the house all day.  The two oldest are only 20 months apart.  They grew up together.  As much as they fight and hit and whine, they love each other.  A lot.  I know they do.

I wonder if Dubs will be lost.  If he will miss his built in playmate during the day.  Or if he will flourish with a bit more space and time to do the things that he wants to do uninterrupted.

As much as I’m looking forward to perhaps getting a little more quiet in my day, I think I’m going to look forward to weekends and school holidays, when my little band of brothers will be united again.


15 thoughts on “Breaking up the band

  1. Oh, I dread this day (for our family). My two eldest are 14 months apart and I just know that my #2 will be lost without his big sister. I will be lost too as my eldest is the big talker around here – she’s always keeping things interesting!

    Hope it works out great for your family (big brother, mummy and little brother)

  2. Oh, I know exactly how you feel. My girls are 18 months apart and when my eldest started school it was my younger one who cried! Starting school is a special time though, the little ones grow up so much and it is wonderful and a little sad at the same time :)

  3. Its such an emotional time, both exciting and very sad!!! Hope you all cope through the big change! And yes i think you will all LOVE school holidays all the more now, i know i do! Its the one time that we are all together and have no place to be :)

  4. I feel the same way, Tam. Pleased that the twinnies are exploring further abroad and for all that they will learn. But saddened that my sweet quartet will only be a sometimes thing from now on. Hoping your big boy wonder has a fab first day at school xxx

  5. I had those fears too. Everything has turned out well here. There is 15 months between my first two and then 2 and a half years between my 2nd and third. When my eldest went to kindy last year the other two enjoyed playing together and then they all enjoyed the time together more in the afternoons. Now that the eldest two are at prep and kindy my youngest is relishing in being about to play with whatever he wants without someone taking it off him. He is also loving the mass of cuddles he gets every afternoon when we pick the other two up. I hope the transition goes well for you guys. Us Mums usually worry more than the kids do!

  6. Love the breaking up the band analogy but feel a little sad on your behalf. My eldest is only three so I’ve not really had a chance to think about when he leaves his sister and I. However I know we’ll be devastated when he does :(

  7. All these posts about littlies off into the big wide world make me tear up! I am worried about this, too. My girls are 15 and a half months apart and they’ve always done everything together. Last year I signed my eldest up to dance and wasn’t going to have them both go; two lessons in and I was sending them both.
    This year I am going to put Ellie in to a music class. Alone, so she will not get a huge shock when she’s off to school and Kahlei’s not there. I think that will be the hardest part of the transition for her. Not to mention Kahlei.
    I hope it all goes smoothly for you!

  8. It’s hard! My 3rd just started prep this year. For a couple of years it’s just been Master 4 and Miss 2 at home, while the eldest 2 were at school. Now Miss 2 is suddenly on her own – and I feel sad for the changing bond between them. But, I also look forward to our weekends when our ‘team’ is back together. Enjoy the extra time with your boys at home.

  9. Oh it is hard.
    The beautiful thing though is at the end of the day, when he comes home, they will all be so happy to see each other. That is such a beautiful thing.
    And you have a few more years yet until the friends start having more influence than you. You’re very much still in control. Xx

  10. The change in dynamics is hard isn’t it. You’ll always be their mum though – that never changes. And the bond between the boys will always be the same, even though they are going through different things. It all adds up to make family time on the weekend all the more valued. :)

  11. Oh I can imagine that day would be hard…. them stepping out in to the big world of school (Im going to be dealing with that next year! ) I hope the little band stays tight… it will be different I imagine, but I’m sure the bond will still be strong…
    good luck

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