Seeking: A shot of Vitamin Me

This is my entry to the Tourism Queensland/Nuffnang Australia Vitamin Me blogging competition.  To be in the running to win a $5000 trip to Queensland, check out the details here, but hurry – it closes at 3pm today!

These eyes are tired.  Tired of looking at a computer screen all day.  Reading quotes and answering emails.  Tired of frowning.

They would much prefer to be watching out for koalas and native birds in Noosa National Park.  Or whale watching.

This mouth is tired.  Tired of telling three small children to get up and about and ready to get out the door in the morning.

It would much prefer to be enjoying the delicious local food and wine that abounds along the Noosa food trail.  Or sampling some delightful local seafood from one of the many amazing restaurants dotted around Noosa.

These hands are tired of typing.  Of preparing three meals and two snacks for five hungry mouths every day.  Tired of driving.

They would much rather be wrapped around an icy cold cocktail while relaxing pool-side and watching my kiddies splash around (is that irresponsible parenting?  Hope not!)

These arms are tired.  Tired of lifting kidlets in and out of the car six thousand times a day. Tired of lifting groceries.  Tired of vacuuming.

They would rather be carrying shopping bags out of chic boutiques.  Or lifting children high above the gently breaking waves at Noosa Main Beach.

These legs… well, it’s quite obvious these legs are desperately in need of some beach time.  But they are also tired of walking around supermarkets.  Tired of walking up the steep backyard to hang washing.

They would absolutely rather be strolling down Hastings Street to get gelato. Or hiking through the naturally beautiful surroundings of the Hinterland.

This mummy is tired.  Tired of the monotonous routine.  Of having to be places.  On time.  Of cooking and cleaning.  This mummy needs a break.  This mummy most definitely needs a shot of Vitamin Me.

The last time I was in Noosa, our trip was rudely interrupted after just one night by a hospital visit and emergency surgery.  It was not my most fun holiday.  For the last eight years we have been wanting to get back to Queensland.  Especially now that we have the three kidlets on board.

Whilst we would love to revisit Noosa and soak up the food, beach and natural wonders there, our trip would have to include a drive down to the theme parks.  The boys would LOVE it (and perhaps the biggest boy would love it most of all!) I’m pretty sure we would never run out of things to do and see.  Not even if we stayed a month (now, there’s an idea!)

I can’t imagine a more family friendly holiday.  The kids would adore the beach, the pools, the ice cream!  And we would indulge in gourmet food, spa treatments and shopping.

Pictures courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Isn’t it clear how much I need a shot of Vitamin Me from Noosa?

Vitamin Me. It’s activated by adrenaline, wonder and excitement. Found in oysters, white wine, nature and good times. It’s the antidote to routine, an elixir for the spirit.

(from Tourism Queensland)

Now thems some drugs I could do!  Count me in.


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