My creative space

If anyone ever says to me ‘wow, what are you going to do with all your spare time now that your oldest is at school?’ I think I will laugh in their face.

I have never been so busy as I have been the past three days. I feel like I’ve spent half my life in the car, and the other half racing around like a crazy lady.

Granted, I have also had Dubs starting kinder AND hubby is super busy with work, which in turn makes me busy keeping up with his paperwork, AND had a couple of freelance type jobs to do.

But I do fear this is the start of a new kind of normal. And having spent the last few weeks suffering from a lack of creative time, I decided that this morning, once I had dropped Diesel at school and Dubs at kinder, I would get Peanut down for a nap, ignore the paperwork and the housework, and create something. Anything.

For any scrapbookers out there who still read my blog (and haven’t given up on me ever sharing anything vaguely crafty ever again), here’s the results of my two hours of crafty time today!



Linking up with Our Creative Spaces today.

Did you get creative today?  Or are you struggling to find any me-time as the school year starts?


2 thoughts on “My creative space

  1. LOVELY!! I posted a few scrap book pages in creative spaces today too. Except yours are totally PRO!! LOVE! I’m a mega beginner and I really have no idea what I’m doing except a need to document my babes first year.

    I hope the new normal for you settles down and you get in a great groove x

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