My creative space {23/2/12}

It has been a fairly epically busy week around here and I haven’t managed to squeeze any creative time in at all.  I would really like to remedy that in the next couple of days, and I think I might attempt some sewing for {gasp} me!

I’ve got some fabric lying around that has been waiting to be made into a skirt or dress or tunic and I’ve got my eyes on these patterns over at Burdastyle:

This tunic looks super comfy, and is possibly best made in jersey (I’m sure I’ve got some tucked away somewhere!)

The Anda has been on my list for ever.  Easy and cute (but mine won’t be so… um… sparkly).  That does make me want knee high stockings though…

I’m not sure I have quite the right fabric in my stash for this skirt, but I’m loving the pleats and the button detail (and it has a pocket!)  And there’s those knee high stockings again.

I am easily distracted so I need to choose something I can finish in a night.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show you by the end of the weekend!

Do you sew?  Do you wish you could?  What would you make yourself if you could?


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