The happy list

It’s only Monday and I’ve already gotten stuck into a G&T while I cook dinner.  It hasn’t been a particularly fun Monday and I had a rising sense of anxiousness in my chest.  I’m not generally one to complain, especially on my blog, but seriously.

Diesel didn’t want me to leave at school drop off.  We had tears and tantrums and I had to just walk away.  Feeling like a bad mummy.

It poured with rain as I left school.  I could barely see the road through the sheets of (usually glorious) rain.  It made the drive to the shops twice as long, and once I got there, all the undercover parks were taken and I had to park outside in the rain.

Dubs had tantrum after tantrum over the most trivial of things in classic three year old style.  I just love carrying sixteen kilos of kicking, screaming child under my arm while trying to do the fruit and vegie shopping.

Hubby got home at about midday and got his car and trailer stuck in the driveway (long story…)  We ended up grumpy at each other.

I spent my minutes of precious nap time paying invoices.  Bye bye dollars.

It was warm and humid outside, and even more warm and humid at the pool where I had to sit with grumpy toddler and whingy baby while Diesel had his lesson.

Nothing earth-shatteringly terrible, but enough to leave me feeling flat.  And I realised that not once today did I prioritise myself or treat myself to something that would pick me up.  Something from my happy list.

  • read a new magazine with a coffee
  • cuddle my boys on the couch
  • buy something pretty
  • exercise
  • read a book
  • sit on the deck and watch the boys play
  • declutter something
  • hang out with a precious friend
  • take photos just for the hell of it
  • spend time praying or just sitting with God
  • create something
  • buy a present
  • paint my toenails
  • ask hubby for a massage
  • watch a TV show that makes me laugh
  • go out of my way to learn something new

Linking up with Home Life Simplified’s 52 Weeks to Simplify Your Life.

Did you take time out to promote your own happiness today?  What is on your happy list?


4 thoughts on “The happy list

  1. Love your honesty here….I just read today something about we need days like you had today – so we really appreciate the good days. And just think, tomorrow can only be better – make sure you take time for yourself tomorrow!

  2. definitely more than enough to leave you flatter than a pancake my dear!!! I am glad though, that you realised you need to give yourself a time out, and do something just and only for you – I love that you have a happy list, it has some great things on there!!!

  3. Your day – although all added up to a bit crappy – is kind of a normal day with kids, and they can outweigh our ‘good’ days, so its great to have a little list we can go to to help LIFT us at the end of the day or throughout a crappy day. I really like your happy list, especially “take photos just for the hell of it” LOVE it…… i think photos are great!!! Thanks for sharing

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