Happy birthday… to everyone?

So it begins.

Diesel has his first school birthday party tomorrow.  Only four weeks into his school life and we are doing this already.

Which brings up all kinds of questions.  What ARE the rules of the prep party?  Do I stay at the party, or drop and run?  If I stay, can I take my other kids?  How much should I spend on a present?  And now that he apparently wants a party, do I invite just his friends?  All the boys in the class?  The whole class?

Help! I feel like a new mummy all over again with all these firsts! I’m not sure my perfectionist (and slightly competitive) personality can deal with all this party stuff.

So, more importantly, will there be wine?


4 thoughts on “Happy birthday… to everyone?

  1. don’t think there will be wine! lol
    and I did the drop and run from last year…thank goodness…so can’t be bothered staying at a party. Saying that if you do stay, do you really want to have to run after the other two as well??????
    present wise – I spend about $15 and thanks to your post last year I am doing books or gardening stuff or for the girls those jars with all the ingredients in them to cook.
    Good luck with it all!

  2. We had a party 2 weeks ago. I stayed but only because I walked to the party but some mums left, some stayed, and some stayed and brought their other kids. It was at a playcentre though. I spent about $20 on a present. There was unfortunately no wine! And sorry, I don’t think I really answered any of the questions. I’d suggest just asking the mum what she expecting people to do.

  3. I always stay if I don’t know the family – I don’t feel comfortable leaving Blake in the care of strangers, especially since he is shy and takes a long time to warm up to people and trust them. Staying provides a great opportunity to meet new families and suss people out.

  4. I make a lot of gifts and with 4 kids (aged 4 – 8) that’s a lot of parties. The older kids I don’t stay but if it is at play centres etc. usually I do. It also depends on where the party is as to if I bring the other kids.

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