Weekend giveaway {Groupon}

As a SAHM with three little, shopping-hating boys, I have become quite the online shopper.    Clothes, shoes, make up, birthday presents, cleaning products… pretty much everything is online these days.  It is, however, way too easy to hit that ‘buy’ button, so I really try to shop around for good deals.

I do love the variety of deals over at Groupon – especially the dinner deals.  Hubs and I are quite the fan of a good meal, and you can really nab some super good feeds if you keep an eye out for something local.  I’m desperate for a haircut, so I’m waiting for a good local hairdressing deal to pop up!

If you also love to shop online AND get a bargain, I have a $50 Groupon voucher to give away today.  Use it for a meal, online shopping or even on a weekend getaway.  The choice is yours!

Just leave a comment letting me know how you love to shop.  I’ll pick a random winner on Friday!

Disclaimer: I would happily shop at Groupon with no arm-twisting involved, but I was gifted a $50 voucher to share the news with you today!


15 thoughts on “Weekend giveaway {Groupon}

  1. I love to shop online for bargains, but I must admit i have never heard of Groupon……off to go shopping there now :)

  2. Ooooh, nice giveaway Tam! I’m an online shopper whenever I can (and I don’t even have small boys) – but things like clothes and shoes I never feel comfortable buying until I’ve tried them on :-)


  3. When I’m feeling Brave I venture out with the kids and Choc Milk for the boy :)
    Otherwise its late night shopping! Books are online though.

  4. Online shopping is a huge danger for me! I buy waaaay too much online because it’s so easy. My Australia Post delivery lady knows me by name!

  5. I have been buying online for years. I only got my licence 6 months ago at age 32 (I was always too afraid), so I would do all shopping, including for gifts, etc online. Now that I have a licence, I do grocery shopping at my local Coles/Woolworths, but still use online for heaps of other purchases. Its often cheaper, and I love the fact that I don’t have to wait in long queues or drag the kids out with me!

  6. Living in a rural area of Tas, i love the varity and choice that online shopping gives to me. But i do love shopping in town if i get to go and just wander about by myself

  7. I shop any which way I can! Online or instore. I get so excited when i find that super special purchase. I also love shopping for the kids and family too. anywhere, anytime

  8. If I can get it online I will. I buy our groceries online (except what I get from aldi). I LOVE EBAY.
    Ad have recently found groups to.

    My favourite shop online would be when I do the online laybe when the toy sales are on. 90%of christmas sorted with out steping out the door!

  9. I adore shopping online! My online lust at the moment is artwork! I am collecting so much, I’m actually running out of wallspace! Having fun though!

  10. I actually love to shop online! I’m not a big fan of running around from one shop to another, to “maybe” find what I like. Shopping online is way more straight forward and gives you greater control over the price too.

  11. I love shopping – going out and about for a great bargain. One of our boys also loves shopping so we usually go together! But is now in the Navy so I dont get to go anymore with him….our other four boys are not into shopping as much. They will go but not happily.
    If I could have one of those jobs where you shop for other people I would be over the moon!!
    As long as I could buy them things with their money :)

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