Life lately – the rainbow party edition

As you might have guessed by the sound of crickets chirping around here lately, I’ve been busy.  My last born tiny boy turned one last week, and I celebrated by throwing a fabulous party. I left it all until the last minute so spent the last few days madly baking and crafting.

I figured this was my last chance to throw THE rainbow party, since once they get older, boys seem to be all about pirates, superheroes, guns and poo.  And it was SO much fun preparing all the rainbow goodies. Everything was so colourful and fun. I will share in more detail this week, because some of the things were just so high impact and low effort.

There aren’t too many pics of my little boy from Saturday as he was so very sick with a cold and spent the whole day asleep on whoever’s shoulder he could find.  Poor poppet.  All the other kidlets made up for it and consumed way too much sugar and ran themselves ragged at the park.

Here’s what went down, photo style:

It’s obviously Sunday night because I naffed up the pictures and made them too small – sorry!

I’m looking forward to a slightly less crazy-busy week.  What about you?

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