Paying it forward {SYL}

Simplify Your Life Week 11 – catch up on weeks 1-10  over at Home Life Simplified.

When it comes to self-evaluation, the likes of which I’ve done a fair bit of as part of Deb’s challenges over at Home Life Simplified, it’s easy to pick out all of your faults.

In the last two weeks I’ve bemoaned the high expectations I place on myself and exposed some of my greatest fears.  This week though, Deb urged us to look at the ways we express gratitude, kindness and altruism.

And you know, I think I’ve got this one covered.  Every night as I lay down in bed I let a wave of gratefulness envelop me.  As we put the boys to bed, we say a prayer with them; thanking God not only for them and their little lives so full of potential, but also for having everything we need and more.  Their prayers are full of the little gratitudes of small people; for trees and flowers, for chocolate, for family and friends.

A while back, I was walking out of Spotlight with my trolley.  You have to pop a two dollar coin in the trolley to release it from its mates, and I was about to lock mine back in to redeem the coin.  A woman was standing by the trolleys, searching through her purse for the right money, and failing to find it.  She sighed, and I quickly diverted my trolley to her, letting her know she should take mine.  She refused at first, but I insisted and she thanked me profusely and took the trolley.

Such a little thing, but it made both of us feel good.  I need to incorporate more of these random small acts of kindness into my life.  And include the boys too – I want kindness and generosity and altruism to be the norm in their life, not the unusual.  We volunteer, we donate, we send thank yous.  These things are part of our make up; our values and our mission.

Gratitude and kindness have the power to change someone else’s life, but they also change you.

Have you committed a random act of kindness lately?  Or are you feeling grateful today?  Tell me about it!


3 thoughts on “Paying it forward {SYL}

  1. I love that you have such a sweet spirit and have made gratitude and kindness such a regular part of every day life for you and your family – so beautiful!

  2. That’s a gorgeous story ! And yes, summing up the day with a prayer of thanks is not only a beautiful thing to do, but I think helps you build a closer family full of gratitude and love. Thanks for sharing your post !

  3. thought i already commented here ugh – i love those little RAK like $2 coins… it does not have to be a huge donation or grand gesture… your prayers with your little boys are sweet and full of love and spirit xx

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