Rainbow party – rainbow cupcakes

Did I mention just how fun it was cooking for the rainbow party?  Apart from the amazing rainbow cake, my other favourite things were these lovely little rainbow cupcakes.

The concept isn’t new; I saw quite a few variations on the theme when I was looking for ideas, but none quite like these.

I used the Billy’s Vanilla Vanilla Cupcake recipe featured on the Martha Stewart site.  It’s a denser vanilla cupcake with a nice flat top, perfect for decorating.  I used the vanilla buttercream recipe recommended there too, but tinted it light blue with a small amount of royal blue gel food colouring.

Once the cakes had cooled, I used a knife to swirl a generous amount of buttercream over the top of the cakes.  I wasn’t worried about perfectly piping these ones (as much as I love a perfectly piped cupcake!) because I was going to be popping the other bits on top.

The rainbows are TNT Multicolor Sour Straps.  I found them at my local lolly shop – one of those little shops that stocks all kinds of lollies from all over the world (including all the flavours of Jelly Bellys – yum!) – but you could probably source them online.  I cut two inch pieces of the straps, curved them, and stuck them into the buttercream.  I’d advise doing this just a couple of hours before the party; I did them the night before and my poor rainbows were looking a bit sad and floppy by the morning.

The clouds are Coles brand cloud-shaped marshmallows.  Yes, really!  I just gently pushed them into the buttercream.

So easy, and so pretty!  I think I need an excuse to make these again.  Maybe for my own birthday!

Are you a cupcake fan?  What is your favourite flavour?


5 thoughts on “Rainbow party – rainbow cupcakes

  1. These are fabulous Tam! Love the rainbow theme. I’m a huge fan of cupcakes – the latest flavour I’ve tried is the Crabapple Bakery chocolate cupcake with Baileys buttercream (adults only, of course :-P)..mmmm, Baileys….

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