A breastfeeding mum’s lament

A couple of weeks back I wrote of weaning my last baby. I’m not sure he even noticed. He quite happily eats some yoghurt after dinner and goes to bed after a quick cuddle. Sob.

Meanwhile, I was too busy being sad about never breastfeeding again to notice what was happening in my chest area.

My boobies are gone.

Yep, disappeared. Shrunk. Gone south. Vanished. Never to be seen again.

I’ve never been particularly well endowed. Just enough to fill out a bikini. But I just loved my pregnant and breastfeeding cleavage. Hello, mama.

I forgot how quickly it all changes.

Back to padded pushup bras for me. No more boob tubes or strapless dresses. It’s all about faking it from now on.

How do you feel about your boobs? Did you get as attached to your pregnant cup size as I did?


2 thoughts on “A breastfeeding mum’s lament

  1. I have lost my boobs with substance and mass for some floppy sacks that cant be contained in most pretty bras you see around (thanks to breastfeeding!). My added problem is i have a smaller size and really need a support bra like the bigger cup sizes to stop them falling out of the cup! Hence i am endlessly bra searching and am currently trying a new one out right now from Intimo which people tell me will be the answer to my woes…i truly hope so.

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