The one where I don’t really want to talk about it

Simplify Your Life Week 12 – catch up on weeks 1-11 here

This week the Simplify Your Life challenge was all about reviewing our goals and analysing what, if anything, has stopped us from making progress with them.

So, I went back to look at my goals and was shocked to realise that I haven’t really made any progress at all.  With any of them.  I was kind of devastated.  Devastated, but not surprised.  I do tend to be resistant to goals.  Partly because of my perfectionist traits, but also just for the sake of being contrary, I think.  Yay me.

I very much like to go about life with my head stuck in the sand, keeping myself busy with ‘important’ things which doesn’t leave much time for the really important things.  Things like really good quality time with my hubby and family.  Like making a budget and being really aware of how much money we really do spend (on internet shopping – oops!)  And like intentionally growing in my faith and setting my focus outside of myself.

I am sabotaging my own progress before I even begin.  Stupid, but true.

It’s time to refocus.  Again.   Keep these goals in my head, on my fridge, in my diary.  Somewhere where they can be seen and remembered and made important.  It’s time to put these things on my to-do list and in my planner.  Make them more important than Twitter and Mad Men and Instagram.

Let’s go!

Did you make goals this year?  Please tell me you’re doing better with yours than I am with mine!


One thought on “The one where I don’t really want to talk about it

  1. I felt the same way!!!! But I think the fact that we are actually doing this challenge is a step in the right direction – surely!!!! :) I did the same, made all these great goals early in the year and that was about it!!! I forgot to keep track and keep on at myself to do these things, but today when I sat down and actually thought about things I realised that without knowing I had actually worked towards some goals – thank god!!!! I think maybe you need to have another look and I bet you have taken small steps too towards your bigger goals :) xx

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