What do YOU call IT?

Four boys live in my house. Four boys who make noise, create mess, have selective hearing, and who have penises. Oh, and don’t they know it – but that’s another subject for another post…

I have no issues at all about calling things their correct names. I studied anatomy for four years; I know the correct name for pretty much every part of my body. I can tell my abductors from my adductors, and my masticator from my mandible.

But I still call it a willy.

Along the way, the boys will learn it’s anatomically correct name. Along with all the bits that go along with it, and their functions. They’ll learn that girls are different. Girls don’t have the same bits that they do. Us girls are missing something, but have a whole lot of other complicated bits. And they’ll learn what they need to know about those. The rest they can figure out for themselves sometime way in the future. Good luck with that, boys.

So for now, we call it a willy. And a giney. Because they call me mum, not mother. We say brekky and bubby. We like to have cute names for things. Including our bits.

Meanwhile, it took me years to get over my mum calling ours ‘front bottom’ and ‘back bottom’. I don’t recommend THAT.

What do you call it in your house?


11 thoughts on “What do YOU call IT?

  1. I love it!
    We call it willy too….but my 3 year old daughter calls her bottom her bum and her vagina her bottom. When I ask her not to say bum but to say bottom she says no, that’s not my bottom and points at the front saying this is my bottom!

  2. For my 9yo I call it his penis, even though he gets embarrassed and I cannot help but smirk at the same time (kinda like a little kid really), sometimes I let out a giggle, just because I know he is embarrassed by the word.
    No matter what, I cannot bring myself to call my 5yo’s ‘wee wee’ her ‘vagina’. I do not know why. Sometimes its her ‘front bottom’ if we want to have a laugh. It will change eventually, but I have this horrid vision of my 5yo telling some total stranger at the supermarket about her ‘vagina’……

  3. We have willies and gineys in our house too. And LOTS of discussion about why boys and girls have different bits!

    And what is it with mum’s? I’m still scarred over my mum calling periods ‘things’!!

  4. Same in our house, Tam, willy and giney. Yes, growing up Mum referred to our bits as back bottom and front bottom too, so in turn did my sisters and I. Although for well over ten years, my sisters and I call our front Jemima and our cleavage Toula. I’m not sure how we came up with Jemima for ‘her’, but Toula was inspired by a visit to. Greek bonbonierre shop in Brunswick when I was getting married. The shop assistant was so helpful and lovely and (named Toula) had a hugely ample bosom where who necklaces kept getting lost in, lol.

  5. my girls had “winki winks”, periods were “dobbies” no ideas were they come from!
    my granddaughter told her daycare mum that her daddy and baby had “tails” she told her the correct terms, that she now says penis and bagina, also tells me that her daddy has little boobies! not big ones like mummy.
    I would much rather hear little kids say some funny name for body parts in the supermarket checkout, rather than say I have a vagina/penis, in their loudest voice to any stranger listening.

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