Going forward

It’s a catch up week for Simplify Your Life over at Home Life Simplified, and I’m kind of glad about that as I’ve been chasing my tail with blogging a bit lately.

I mentioned last week that I have been my own worst enemy when it comes to moving forward with my goals.  And I admitted that not only had I not achieved any, but I had barely even looked at them since I wrote them.

It appears I need a strategy for going forward.  Luckily, Deb provided us with some troubleshooting advice.  (Check it out, it is very useful!)

This is my strategy for attacking those elusive goals for the remainder of the year:

  1. Decide on one goal to be my main focus to begin with.  I think by necessity, this will be the budget goal.
  2. Break this one goal down into smaller steps and begin actioning them immediately (for the queen of procrastination, this will be interesting!)
  3. Ask a friend to give me some accountability with my goal (my friends are good at this!)
  4. Set a due date and plan a reward if I achieve my goal in time (I quite like this bit!)

I took a sneak peek at this week’s topic, and it’s all time management and lists.  Yay!

Do you have any secret weapons for reaching your goals?  Have you achieved anything recently that you’re super proud of?


7 thoughts on “Going forward

  1. Sounds like a great strategy – and now that you have blogged about it you have made yourself accountable! We will be waiting to hear how you go!

  2. Maybe this is a good time to revisit and rewrite some of your goals. I did – when I realised that I would never achieve some of them. I included them when really theyweren’t what I wanted. Sometimes its about acknowledging what will work and what won’t. I enjoyed your honesty and think it is really important. Take care and I look forward to following your blog. :)

  3. Ok i kept wanting to press that fast forward pic thinking it was for a video LOL

    I think your new plan is great – so have you set any first steps? xxx

  4. I think breaking things down into mini-goals helps a lot, especially in terms of budgeting. Every cent adds up, and I’ve been working hard on that this year, and seeing great results.

  5. I dont think you are alone with having written goals six weeks ago – and not looking at them since!!!! So dont feel bad :) I think its a great way to look at one goal at a time and then hopefully each one becomes more attainable and before you know it, you would have achieved so much!!! Good luck :)

  6. how good is accountability – i tend to step on things when i know someone is going to be chasing me up or asking me about it every week, or until i get it done!! keep going – like the little engine that could, you are so getting there!

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