The night the Easter Rat came

What? You don’t have the Easter Rat at your house?  We do.  Apparently.

Saturday night, the Easter Bunny barely remembered to do his/her duty before getting to bed.  Three trails of eggs meandered down the hallway ending with the now-traditional Humpty Dumptys in three different locations.

My little Peanut, usually a wonderful sleeper, woke up at 4am and wouldn’t go back to sleep.  I sleepily got out of bed, and as I approached the hall, heard a sound like the shower was running.  I couldn’t quite work that one out in my half-awake state, until I stepped into the hall and into an inch of water.  Now cold, wet, grumpy and considerably more awake, I noticed the easter eggs floating at about the same time I worked out that the water was coming from the washing machine.

A little backstory, if you will.  Our lazy cat likes to bring rats into the house.  To play with.  Oh no, he doesn’t kill rats like a good cat would.  Sigh.  This one came to live with us about a week ago, making a cozy home for itself in the laundry cupboard, emerging at nights to pilfer the cat food.

Not the Easter Rat

This is not the Easter Rat.  This is a previous rat that the lazy cat brought in to play with and subsequently allowed to escape. And those apricot vertical blinds are long gone, thank you Jesus.

I wanted to reorganise the laundry cupboard over the weekend (oh, what an exciting life I lead) so I made the hubs flush the rat out.  He did just that; it found a new little home behind the washing machine.  You can see where this is going now, can’t you?

So Saturday night, instead of enjoying the delicious snack of Nutella that we kindly left beside the washing machine on a trap, the rat snacked instead on the washing machine hose.  Resulting in a flood that covered half our house, but didn’t drown the darned thing.  It is still on the loose.  In our house.

And that’s the story of the Easter Rat.

On the upside, the carpet in the hall and the bedrooms is all squishy and stinky so we are hoping that our insurance will get us some new carpet that our house, desperately in need of bulldozing renovation, needs so very much.

And the Ratsak is out tonight.  Sorry Easter Rat, your time is up.

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5 thoughts on “The night the Easter Rat came

  1. HAHAHA!!! So brilliant! (sorry, its really terrible. I HATE RATS!! I never seen a live one and I never ever ever want to. I’ll have a heart attack, i just know it!) Your rat over the vertical blinds looks kinda cute though ( you can never quote me saying that ).

    Hope you get the insurance, thank you rat!

    P.s, love the new slim line look.

  2. Ewwwww to the yucky rate. Hope the ratsak gets him good!!!!

    Just thought I would pop over to your real blog for a change. I always read in Google Reader, but haven’t actually been here for ages! I love your new header, so fun!

    Anyway, just thought I would let you know I read all your posts (and LOVE them all too), even though I don’t comment, its just cos I am slack. Trying to change that though, so be prepared for a comment downpour!!

  3. Oh I really shouldn’t laugh should I? ;)

    At least your cat doesn’t eat half of them, leave the rest of it in bits lying around the carport, and then vomit what it has eaten all over the place. It’s seriously disgusting.

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