Creature of habit

Waking up this morning, I was surprised that I was disappointed that school was back today. I thought I was going to be one of those mums who disliked school holidays; I love my space and quiet, and adding an extra body in this house during the day takes away a lot of both of those things. Instead, I loved the slow mornings, the lazy days and watching my big boys play together; sometimes nicely, sometimes not.

Perspective is awesome.

I did find, however, towards the end of the fortnight, that I was feeling a bit flat and anxious. It probably had something to do with the sad events of the previous week (not only did I lose an old friend, but hubby’s grandpa also passed away suddenly), but I think being out of routine really didn’t work for me.

As much as I can appear to be disorganised at times, I really do prefer order. I like planning and lists and priorities. Upsetting the boat – whether by going away or changing up my daily routine – really throws my emotions around. I start to get anxious and panicky. I make little things into big things, and something inside me winds tighter and tighter (poor hubby hasn’t worked all this out yet and quite often bears the brunt of my explosions).

Last week’s SYL challenge was to conduct a time audit and see if the activities we are involved in are moving us towards our vision. While I didn’t conduct a strict audit, looking at the way I spend my time, I know I need to be more intentional about the things I do during my day. When I say I like planning and lists and priorities, I should probably add procrastination. Which generally means Twitter and blog surfing.

I have been trying to make myself a most important things list most days. Three biggish things that must be done. Whether it’s bills to pay, something that NEEDS cleaning, or a phone call I’ve been avoiding. Getting those MITs crossed off fulfills that part of me that craves order. It helps to unwind the wound up parts. Which helps me be more productive. Win-win.

Next up for me is to drop one or two things that are not in line with my goals or vision. Some things I felt I should do. Which will free up time to do some things I want or need to do. And then it’s time to cut back on the social media time again. To use it intentionally rather than constantly. Retrain my mind to not need to be connected all the time. Switch off so I can focus fully on other tasks.

Time to revisit my one little word for this year – intention. And start to live it!

Are you a creature of habit or a free spirit? And have you audited your life lately? What needs to give so you can free up time for the really important stuff?

Week fifteen of Simplify Your Life – catch up on the whole lot HERE.


4 thoughts on “Creature of habit

  1. I love auditing my life, and do it quite often. It helps to keep me on track for goals whatever they may be.

    I am also a list person, but since I also have really high expectations of myself, my lists are often way too long. I think I might employ your MIT tactic!

  2. I like your MIT tactic too! I find that when I start planning and making lists, I end up with an all or nothing situation. This time I’m taking it slow and I’m going to just work on a few key areas at a time. Social networking is something I need to switch off from too. I get distracted by it so easily!

  3. Great self awareness darls! Self evaluation is crucial for me at the moment – gets me back into line and on task. I have been doing the 3 tasks a day list for the last couple of months and it really works well and takes away my disappointment in not achieving EVERYTHING!! I ditched TV (pretty much completely) at the beginning of the year and that has really helped my productivity – now I just need to scale back my net time :)

  4. oh hon, i am so sorry to hear about your family’s loss. my thoughts are with you all.
    Isn’t it amusing, somewhat, how much we women can be such creatures of routine and not even necessarily aware of it, until it has gone! Sounds like you have some excellent strategies in place to help you move forward – can’t wait to read more of your journey xx

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