About Me

Hi, I’m Tam.  


Round here…

… a lot of crafting happens.  Mostly sewing and scrapbooking, but I’ll try my hand at anything, really.

… it’s pretty noisy.  I have three pre-school aged little boys (5, 3 and 0.5).  Yep, life is crazy, but awesome.

… the oven is always on.  I love to cook, mostly because I love to eat.

… I’m trying to become a runner.  Mostly to offset all the eating.

… I spend way too much time on the internet avoiding actual social situations.  I call it ‘getting inspired’.

… you’re very welcome to join in the craziness.  Please let me know if you drop by.  I’d love your (virtual) company.


2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Tam just found your blog and have read EVERYTHING you have written….. THANK YOU is all i can say :) I have loved sitting here with a cuppa and reading all of your antics and take on things, nodding in agreeance and having a chuckle at others, and most of all so glad to find someone on the same wavelength. So glad I stumbled across you, I look forward to more quiet reads and having a good chuckle bcos you are mirroring my life!!!! Thanks :)

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