Blog Roll

My friend’s blogs

Baking Miscellany  My best mate’s blog!  Mel writes about all the delicious things she bakes for her friends and family.

Enjoying the Journey  Megs is a mummy to two boys and loves all the same things that I do!  Win!

Tea and Tofu  Brooke is day by day learning to treat her body with healthy respect.  Join her in her journey.

Missymuh  I think I want to be Clair when I grow up!  She has serious skills where art, craft, photography and making cute kids is concerned.

Loving Whispers  Dannii is a bit of a supermum, with four kids and a successful photography business.

Who’s a Gardner?  Mal loves to scrapbook (and luckily has three super cute kids to take lovely photos of!)

Other awesome Aussies

Linkage  Kathie creates the most beautiful scrapbooking layouts – I especially love her layouts of herself as a child.

Just Another Day…  I just love Suz’s often ironic observations of raising two tweens.

Everyday Insanity and Delight  She’s an artist, a photographer, a crafter, a mummy, a scrapbooker… Multi-talented AND gorgeous – you must check out Nic’s blog!

Fat Mum Slim  A recent bloggy find, Chantelle is down-to-earth and has created a beautiful corner of the blogosphere.

The Happy Home  Belinda is widely recognised in the blogging and decoration world, and has a beautiful blog about creating a lovely home for her family.


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