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Just popping in quickly to share this new beautiful magazine with you!

Fete Press is lovely, inspiring, practical and Australian.  Love it.

Check out their beautiful Valentines Day ideas, plus lots of other eye candy.


Seeking: A shot of Vitamin Me

This is my entry to the Tourism Queensland/Nuffnang Australia Vitamin Me blogging competition.  To be in the running to win a $5000 trip to Queensland, check out the details here, but hurry – it closes at 3pm today!

These eyes are tired.  Tired of looking at a computer screen all day.  Reading quotes and answering emails.  Tired of frowning.

They would much prefer to be watching out for koalas and native birds in Noosa National Park.  Or whale watching.

This mouth is tired.  Tired of telling three small children to get up and about and ready to get out the door in the morning.

It would much prefer to be enjoying the delicious local food and wine that abounds along the Noosa food trail.  Or sampling some delightful local seafood from one of the many amazing restaurants dotted around Noosa.

These hands are tired of typing.  Of preparing three meals and two snacks for five hungry mouths every day.  Tired of driving.

They would much rather be wrapped around an icy cold cocktail while relaxing pool-side and watching my kiddies splash around (is that irresponsible parenting?  Hope not!)

These arms are tired.  Tired of lifting kidlets in and out of the car six thousand times a day. Tired of lifting groceries.  Tired of vacuuming.

They would rather be carrying shopping bags out of chic boutiques.  Or lifting children high above the gently breaking waves at Noosa Main Beach.

These legs… well, it’s quite obvious these legs are desperately in need of some beach time.  But they are also tired of walking around supermarkets.  Tired of walking up the steep backyard to hang washing.

They would absolutely rather be strolling down Hastings Street to get gelato. Or hiking through the naturally beautiful surroundings of the Hinterland.

This mummy is tired.  Tired of the monotonous routine.  Of having to be places.  On time.  Of cooking and cleaning.  This mummy needs a break.  This mummy most definitely needs a shot of Vitamin Me.

The last time I was in Noosa, our trip was rudely interrupted after just one night by a hospital visit and emergency surgery.  It was not my most fun holiday.  For the last eight years we have been wanting to get back to Queensland.  Especially now that we have the three kidlets on board.

Whilst we would love to revisit Noosa and soak up the food, beach and natural wonders there, our trip would have to include a drive down to the theme parks.  The boys would LOVE it (and perhaps the biggest boy would love it most of all!) I’m pretty sure we would never run out of things to do and see.  Not even if we stayed a month (now, there’s an idea!)

I can’t imagine a more family friendly holiday.  The kids would adore the beach, the pools, the ice cream!  And we would indulge in gourmet food, spa treatments and shopping.

Pictures courtesy of Tourism Queensland

Isn’t it clear how much I need a shot of Vitamin Me from Noosa?

Vitamin Me. It’s activated by adrenaline, wonder and excitement. Found in oysters, white wine, nature and good times. It’s the antidote to routine, an elixir for the spirit.

(from Tourism Queensland)

Now thems some drugs I could do!  Count me in.

I address a killer envelope.

I haven’t been blogging on the weekend.  I give myself a break.  But I miss it.  And I feel like I lose momentum over the weekend.  And really, it drives me crazy when my fave bloggers take a break over the weekend because then I have nothing to read when I have a leisurely few minutes to read blogs.

So, my point.  The most illustrous Edenland has begun a new Saturday meme, which means I can blog without having to think up a topic – FREAKING GENIUS!

Edenland's Fresh Horses Brigade This week, our handwriting.  Please allow the Instagram picture to tell the rest of the story:

Planning parties

My smallest boy is just over ten months old.  Which means in less than two months he will be one *sob*.  We had lovely little parties at the park for the other two boys when they turned one – simple little parties with nibbles and cake and bubbles and playing.

This year, however, we have a lovely new deck, and I’m tempted to have a ‘home’ party.  In some ways this will be a lot easier – no transporting food forward and back, no worries about the weather, no need to tell people to bring their own seats.  In other ways it may be tricky – we will have to limit the guest list as our house is quite tiny and I’ll have to actually have our tiny house looking spotless.

I am having fun finding ideas for decorations and food though!  Of course, Pinterest is an endless source of inspiration, but there are a few blogs I read which provide a plethora of beautiful and delicious ideas.

Oh Happy Day is beautiful to read.  Jordan is a party planner and letterpress printer (oh!  two of my most favourite things!) and has put together the most amazing and visually stunning blog full of party ideas, DIYs and notes about living in Paris (yes, Paris!)

Amy Atlas also runs a party planning bizzo and has a gorgeous blog where she features lovely parties from all over the world.  Soooo many dessert tables!

One Charming Party has loads of party ideas, DIY tutorials and sells party plans too.

Invite Me has all sorts of pretties for parties.  My credit card just sighed.

So I’m deep into collecting ideas and I’m sure I’ll soon be knee deep in crafty projects!

Do you have any fabulous party resources that you can share with me?  Thrown an awesome party at home?  Any tips?

Link love {Blog love}

Playing along with Creative Collective’s bloggy link love today.

I find blogs refreshingly inspiring.  Unlike magazines, blogs seem infinitely more personal.  You get to know the person behind the blog, the content is fresh, and delivered straight to you every day.

My Google Reader has a variety of types of blogs; craft blogs, interior design blogs, mummy blogs, fashion blogs, foodie blogs, photography blogs, sewing blogs and self-improvement blogs.  Plus lots that don’t fit into any particular category.  I regularly ‘prune’ my reader – adding new blogs and getting rid of those that I’m not finding so inspiring any more.  Otherwise I could spend all day catching up on reading!

In a natter about inspiring blogs, it would be completely remiss of me to neglect Fat Mum Slim.  Especially since her January Photo A Day has completely exploded world wide (yep, even Dooce is on board!)  She’s honest, down to earth, ‘niche-free’ (in the best possible way), and her blog is just totally fun.  I want to be like Chantelle when I grown up.

A newer-to-me blog that I am loving is Styling You.  Nikki demystifies fashion for the normal person, and makes it feel achievable to be stylish every day.  And she is soooo super lovely to her readers (she replies to all her comments, which I think is completely admirable!)  This is the blog that makes me think twice before I set foot out the door in the morning (do I need a scarf with this outfit?)

And lastly, I was going to keep this Aussie based (love supporting locals!) but I have been so inspired by Tsh at Simple Mom in recent times.  I even bought her Ebook, One Bite at a Time (it’s great).  Her and her team blog about being the best mum you can be.  But not in an airy-fairy, perfectionist kind of way.  Just in a real, we-all-stuff-up-sometimes kind of way that is so encouraging.

Have you found a new blog recently that’s inspiring you?  Please share!