Time to move on

There comes a time in every blog’s life where it outgrows its little corner of the world. It has to find a new space; a bigger slice of the world wide web where it can spread its wings and have room to grow.

This little blog is about to move. Firstly for the reasons above – to give it room for more flexibility and personality. But I also wanted to change the domain name. Well, that’s not entirely true. I didn’t want to change it again, because I don’t want to lose anyone along the way. But with kids coming up to the age where their friends are going to learn how to Google, I wanted to take my surname out of the address.

I don’t ever want to blog anything that would embarrass or humiliate my boys, but kids can be cruel. I don’t want to make it easy for my kids to be ‘found’ on the net. I don’t really mind about myself, but I know what it’s like to be bullied, and anything I can do to protect my boys from that, I’ll do.

So, as of May 1, this humble blog will have a new address. A new home. An updated design. A few new bells and whistles. But the same stuff; the same commentary on a life lived with honesty. The same tips from a mum learning as she goes. Some recipes, some photography, some stories.

I hope you’ll all update your feed readers, resubscribe by email and follow me over to my new home. I so value the comments you leave, and even if you don’t comment, I love that you pop by to read.  Come by on Tuesday for the details!

P.S. If you like the blog’s Facebook page, you might score an early peek of the new site.


Words are awesome

My Year 12 English teacher was one of those lovely, scary women who change the way you see the world forever. She reigned over the class with a girlish voice and greying hair pulled tightly into a bun. She blushed over the risque parts of our VCE texts, but even more so over a negligent spelling error. Leaving out a comma or using slang would elicit a look that made you feel like a naughty toddler.

We were taught that correct grammar was important, that punctuation mattered, and that flawless spelling was of the utmost importance. The essays I wrote that year were so beautifully crafted that I now have difficulty believing that I wrote them. As much as we complained and misbehaved, we delivered our best because Mrs Gordon expected it of us, and she believed we could achieve it.

This goes some way to explain why these days I have difficulty reading Facebook status updates without wincing. I itch to correct glaring spelling mistakes. Don’t get me started on the their/they’re/there issues.

It also explains why this blog exists. During my high school years I learned to love writing; to love language and words and to use semi-colons appropriately (sometimes). At times I wrote straight from the deepest places of my teenage soul. Paragraphs full of emotion; sentences tumbling over each other in the excitement of just being written down.

I have discovered that in the past fifteen years I’ve lost the ability to write with such abandonment and honesty. Perhaps it was my scientific university education that made my words stand up straight and behave. Maybe a lack of practice caused my writing muscles to waste away, disused and neglected.

In ‘If You Want To Write’ Brenda Euland writes:

But this joyful, imaginative, impassioned energy dies out of us very young.  Why?  Because we do not see that it is great and important.  Because we let dry obligation take its place.  Because we don’t respect it in ourselves and keep it alive by using it.  And because we don’t keep it alive in others by listening to them.

This blog is my gym, of sorts. A place to exercise those parts of my grey matter that once were strong, and now are withered and weak. I write to remember, I write to forget, to forgive.  I write to look backward and to look forward.  I write for the stories.  I write for me, and I write for you.

What skills have you lost as you’ve become older and more sensible? Is it time to reclaim them?

Feature blogger {Jess @ Diary of a SAHM}

After being a crafty type blogger for a few years, I felt like a whole new world opened up last year when I discovered a whole community of mummy bloggers right here in Australia. I’m now addicted to my daily dose of honesty, humour and advice AND I love that they are so lovely and willing to help out a little tiny blogger like me!

One of those lovely women who was happy to help out is the amazing Jess from Diary of a SAHM.  I just fell in love with her transparentness, her sense of fun and her ca-razy vlogs when I stumbled on her blog a while back, and now I get to share her with you!

She kindly answered some questions about her blog, and other random things:

Why do you blog?
I started because I have written a couple of books, and wanted to get my name out there before I published them (which I am yet to do.) Now I blog because I love it. I love the community and the audience and that it gives me an avenue to be me, and to have an opinion. The fact that people like it is just the icing on the cake. :)

What inspires you?
That’s a hard one, cause there are so many things.

My children inspire me to be the best I can be, so that I can show them that who you are is wonderful, and important, and vital to the world. My husband inspires me because he believes in me like no one else. Music inspires me, especially when it comes to some of my crazy vlogs. My faith inspires me, because it is the framework of my life, and it is the reason I believe I am worth it.

Is there a story behind the name of your blog?
It’s what I called the first book, so I thought it would be a good way to get publicity for it. I would change it now though; in fact I still might. :)

Describe your blog in one word

Do you have any advice for beginner bloggers?
Find other bloggers who will help you out and answer your questions. Approach people that seem friendly and genuine. (I love to help!)

Also don’t feel the need to write reviews or giveaways straightaway. They won’t necessarily bring your followers, and you need to have a relationship with your readers before you can successfully market anything.

Don’t become absorbed by stats; covet relationship above all else.

Share three blogs that inspire you
Eden Land. She is so real and honest and true to herself. Plus she is very approachable for a ‘big’ blogger.

Kate Says Stuff. In so many ways Kate and I are complete opposites, but I love how she always searches for the positive. She is an absolutely beautiful lady.

Daisy Roo and Two. I love Daisy. She is my buddy. Her blog is funny and insightful and does away with all the ‘Super Mum’ nonsense.

What was the last book you read?
The Girl in Times Square by Paullina Simons. It’s one of my faves.

Paperback or Kindle?

Night owl or early bird?
Not a night owl, but I don’t like getting up before 7 or after 7:30. Not sure what that makes me!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

You must check out Jess (she sang an ode to her dead washing maching on her blog this week. Seriously. She is ace!) Her most important places to be are:

Her blog
Her Facebook
and her Twitter

Link love {Blog love}

Playing along with Creative Collective’s bloggy link love today.

I find blogs refreshingly inspiring.  Unlike magazines, blogs seem infinitely more personal.  You get to know the person behind the blog, the content is fresh, and delivered straight to you every day.

My Google Reader has a variety of types of blogs; craft blogs, interior design blogs, mummy blogs, fashion blogs, foodie blogs, photography blogs, sewing blogs and self-improvement blogs.  Plus lots that don’t fit into any particular category.  I regularly ‘prune’ my reader – adding new blogs and getting rid of those that I’m not finding so inspiring any more.  Otherwise I could spend all day catching up on reading!

In a natter about inspiring blogs, it would be completely remiss of me to neglect Fat Mum Slim.  Especially since her January Photo A Day has completely exploded world wide (yep, even Dooce is on board!)  She’s honest, down to earth, ‘niche-free’ (in the best possible way), and her blog is just totally fun.  I want to be like Chantelle when I grown up.

A newer-to-me blog that I am loving is Styling You.  Nikki demystifies fashion for the normal person, and makes it feel achievable to be stylish every day.  And she is soooo super lovely to her readers (she replies to all her comments, which I think is completely admirable!)  This is the blog that makes me think twice before I set foot out the door in the morning (do I need a scarf with this outfit?)

And lastly, I was going to keep this Aussie based (love supporting locals!) but I have been so inspired by Tsh at Simple Mom in recent times.  I even bought her Ebook, One Bite at a Time (it’s great).  Her and her team blog about being the best mum you can be.  But not in an airy-fairy, perfectionist kind of way.  Just in a real, we-all-stuff-up-sometimes kind of way that is so encouraging.

Have you found a new blog recently that’s inspiring you?  Please share!